About us

Why Nova Scotia?

In 2010, my husband, oldest son and I drove from Ontario for a trip to Nova Scotia.  We had never been, but had heard so many wonderful stories about the East Coast. We looked forward to seeing what all the hype was about.  From the moment we arrived, we felt as though we were home.  The beautiful landscapes, the sound of the ocean, the sea salt air, and the hospitality we felt from everyone we met.  Oh! I don't want to forget the food! Till this day I still can't get enough of a good East Coast lobster roll.  When we left, we knew we would be back.  And we did.  We’ve been back for a friends wedding, and a family vacation with our 3 sons at the time.

In 2017 we decided we wanted to visit Prince Edward Island. We travelled with our 4 sons (yes 4, we are busy!), and knew we wanted to stay where the boys could run out on the lawn and go to the ocean as they pleased.  We rented a home and loved the layout of the house.  In fact, we wanted to buy it.  However, after much consideration we knew our hearts were in Nova Scotia.  We started looking at houses and land.  We eventually found this property with its’ beach front and ocean front; and knew it was perfect.  In June of 2018 we started to build.  Its been a great journey and one with many learning experiences.

We are excited to open up our cottage for others to enjoy, and we are almost sure that everyone will fall in love with Nova Scotia as much as us.